Dear Clients.
As the weather here in Wisconsin changes I am feeling compelled to write directly to you in appreciation and persistence. Usually, our newsletter and updates are filled with the amazing products we are blessed to have on our site. We focus on our makers for obvious reasons. Their stories are compelling and their work exquisite. 
But today as I sit in my office with my windows open, the birds singing and the first signs of spring decorating my view no less impressively than any work of art, I am thinking of you.
I am thinking about every one of you who took the time to review our site and processes and provide feedback. I am thinking of each of you who chose to spend your hard-earned money on products on our marketplace. I am impressed with your dedication to our makers, our mission and our world. 
This spring, however, I am filled with the joy of persistence. You walked with us as we started our first site and learned so many things (as they broke lol).  You stayed with us as we figured out how to send you emails (and some of them were not very pretty lol). You shopped with us while we grew and patiently followed us on social media. You are not just shoppers. You are members of our WCE team. 
And we are ready. I am literally in awe of what we have all accomplished together. And we are ready. Now is the time for growth. Now is the time to put aside some of the hard work and initial bumps and just enjoy paging through beautiful products. Now is the time to make shopping at WCE a regular part of our shopping experience. We are ready. 
Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your loyalty and contributions. But most of all thank you for being a part of the team and helping us to change the world of ecommerce and maker spaces through each of your purchases. . I appreciate you. 
All my love,

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