The Little Start-up With a Big Vision

When Rosie Rey and Lori Hayes, the founders of World Community Exchange are asked why they are working so hard to get World Community Exchange off the ground, each of them immediately quote the company mission statement. “Our vision is a world without economic disparity or oppression based on sex, gender, or sexual identity.” To that end they are creating a sustainable and profitable system of eCommerce to increase economic independence for women world-wide.

They will quickly assert that this is not a charitable foundation. As Rosie says “what we don’t need is another charity...we just need an even playing field world-wide.” While neither of them are against charitable organizations and in fact donate a great deal of time to them, they are dedicated to providing the opportunity for women artisans and craftspeople to showcase their own work, learn best practices for pricing, entrepreneurship and representation. Lori states “I love the organizations that help people in need and in fact we work with some of them. But World Community Exchange means what we say in our tagline - Dignified Exchange. Fair Enterprise.”

The fantastic thing about is that it isn’t just set up to “help.” The products they feature are wonderful for discerning consumers who shop for amazing things while being socially conscious. They are dedicated not just to their mission but the tenants of fair trade and equity throughout their business. From sourcing more team member-producers through the final sale they are consistently looking for ways to benefit their entire team. You will never hear these two talking about “our” artisans or “employees.” To them every single person involved in WCE is part of the team. No one is more or less important from Shareholders to Virtual Assistants, from the artisans to their clientele. “It is as important to source beautiful, diverse, and creative items for our clients as it is to benefit our team in every way possible.” WCE is adding new collections consistently; they are constantly looking for new artisans to work with.

Their leadership consists of Rosie, Lori, and Mary Ann Halstead who are the operations team as well as a board of directors. The board is comprised of Lori, Rosie, Mary Ann, Alice Reybitz, Kristy Ivey, Kenya Walton-Guillot, Jessica Perez, Lily Gains and Kristyle Turner.

Advancing Women’s Equality Can Add $12 Trillion to Global Growth according to McKinsey Global Institute’s 2015 report “The Power of Parity.” In that case this little team is well on their way to making a big impact.

Ethical business is profitable business. World Community Exchange will be the next “can’t live without it” eCommerce site to the world. By promoting fair trade we provide our discerning clientele the quality, unique, and handmade products they desire while appealing to their social consciousness. When women have economic independence they have demonstrated that their growth directly impacts their communities, countries and the world itself. World Community Exchange products are produced by women artisans or provided through women-owned/operated businesses.

For more information: 608.617.9429

Our Leadership Team (in alphabetical order)

Lily Gaines - Communication & Collaboration Team - USA

Dr. Kenya Walton-Guillot - 

Communication & Collaboration Team - USA

Mary Ann Halstead - Awareness Team - Mount Carmel, PA USA

Lori Hayes, RN, MS - Framework Advisor, Madison, WI USA

Kristy Ivey - Cornerstone - USA

Dr. Jessica Perez - Client Relations Team, Denver CO

Rosie Rey - Vanguard/Pathfinder, Madison WI USA

Alice Reybiz, RN - Balance & Predictions Guru, Belleair Bluffs, FL USA

Dr. Kristyle Turner - Makers Relation Team, USA

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