As a woman of a certain age, I’ve grown up in a corporate culture understanding that we don’t talk about what someone else makes, it’s rude or could get you fired if you asked someone their salary and as a woman you just “understood” women made less. Some of you are nodding your head in agreement, some are disappointed that I even spoke these words out loud and others are shocked that this was understood and accepted. I don’t know where you fall, but I am SO happy that finally women’s wage issues have risen to the surface and continue to be a point of discussion. 

While we knew that this inequality existed, NONE of us fully understood, until recently, the impact this has on our family, our community, our country and our world. When I started with World Community Exchange, Rosie asked me to do some research on a couple areas- one of which was this exact topic.  As a nurse I LOVE research and learning so I went to town to learn what I could learn. 

Man was I surprised at the bounty of information I found. I couldn’t believe who was talking about this issue.  I could attach a whole bunch of papers and articles but I won’t. I’m going to include just a few resources and share a few facts that stick with me. If you want my whole list- please reach out and I’ll be happy to share!!

Here are a couple things to consider: 

  • Consumers want ethically sourced products. Shoppers are aware of FairTrade and the Fairtrade Mark has a very positive impact on brand perception. In addition, 80% of US shoppers look at a brand that carries a certification more favorably  (1) 
  • When women have economic independence they “share the wealth”. Their growth impacts their families, their communities, their country and the world, because girls and women spend 90% of their earned income on their families, while men only spend 30-40% (UNAC 2012)  (2) 
  • The global effect of advancing women’s equality can add 12 trillion to the global economy (3)
  • If women in the United States received equal pay with comparable men, poverty for working women would be reduced by half and the U.S. economy would have added $482 billion to its economy.(4)

These facts are the reason World Community Exchange has the following mission and vision statements

Mission: To create a sustainable and profitable system of eCommerce to increase economic independence for women world-wide       

Vision: a world without economic disparity or oppression based on sex, gender or sexual identity

Women’s voices need to be heard. We need to advocate for ourselves. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the corporate world, working on the family farm, selling your handmade items at craft shows or retired. We’re all part of the solution. So as one of our swag shirts says– “God didn’t make me LOUD for nothing” (Thanks Tami). So I challenge you to go forward and be LOUD about these issues.

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