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1 February 2023

World Community Exchange Names Advisory Board

by Charlene Sommers

Women Owned and Operated Marketplace Elects 2023 Leadership 

Madison, WI— Feb. 1, 2023 World Community Exchange, an up-and-coming online marketplace of fair trade goods, announced the appointment of eight women to its 2023 Board of Advisors.


Women Advisors: Not Your Grandmother’s Corporate Officers

The World Community Exchange Board of Advisors connects various aspects of the business to ensure the vision and mission are carried out according to its values. Unlike officers at a traditional corporation, the leaders assigned to the World Community Exchange Board of Advisors bear unique titles to describe their contributions and duties:

  • Vanguard - Rosie Rey
  • Framework Advisor - Kristy Ivey
  • Cornerstone - Lori Hayes
  • Balance & Predictions Team Advisor - Shari Rossino
  • Client Relationships Team Advisor - Carmen Hornberger
  • Communications & Collaboration Team Advisor - Kara Rodriguez
  • Maker Relationships Team Advisor - Alice Reybitz
  • Strategic Planning Advisor - Michelle Austin
  • Awareness Team Advisor - To Be Announced

Redefining Business Methods for a New Marketplace

World Community Exchange is also unusual in that it operates in full transparency, opening their Board meetings to all—makers, customers, staff included. Full participation, including preparedness, is mandatory to ensure all voices have the opportunity to be heard.

In addition to hand-crafted products from all around the globe, World Community Exchange also specializes in business services for women and women-owned businesses via their new fair-trade eCommerce site, From accounting, financial, and business-to-business services to health & wellness and real estate agents, Rosie Rey and her team of passionate entrepreneurs are taking on competitors across the globe and across sectors to prove that the online marketplace of goods and services can be ethical, profitable, and fair.


World Community Exchange is a registered trademark in the United States 2021.

For more information, press only:

Rosie Rey

608.617.9429 (Cell)

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