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1 March 2023

World Community Exchange Wins Major Marketing Grant

Women Owned and Operated Marketplace to Gain Greater Exposure

By Charlene Sommers

Madison, WI — Mar. 1, 2023 Executives at World Community Exchange, a women-owned and operated online marketplace of fair trade goods and services, kick off Women’s History Month by announcing they have won a $5,000.00 grant to expand their marketing reach. The grant, offered by Civic Media (Madison, WI), was part of a one-day advertising giveaway of $1,000,000 held January 26. World Community Exchange was one of 164 local businesses to receive a grant of that size.

World Community Exchange Cornerstone Lori Hayes described the serendipitous process of having won the much needed advertising grant: They heard about the contest on Wednesday, January 25. The contest opened at 9 AM the next day. “We submitted an application at 9:33 to be exact,” she chuckled. They’d said they would notify the winners on the 27th, but by 5:00 PM the World Community Exchange team had started to lose hope. “I checked again an hour later and there it was—the announcement we had been selected. I was so giddy I couldn’t sit still.”

The grant will enable listeners in the Civic Media coverage area--most of Wisconsin and worldwide through streaming--to hear about World Community Exchange and its mission to sell women-made, hand-crafted products from all around the globe. While huge online marketplaces rob workers of their dignity, customers of their money, and the planet of its resources, World Community Exchange is a fair-trade eCommerce site,, celebrating and preserving the dignity of women artists, makers, and entrepreneurs. World Community Exchange wishes a Happy Women’s History Month to all women who are in the process of making history happen now.


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