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This round patchwork bag with zipper pockets and an adjustable strap is a great bag to carry to the gym or a on a weekend trip. Ample space to carry clothes and other needs, multiple layers and linings make it a durable bag.

These bags are handmade by the youth at Lakshya shelter home in Faridabad, India. Lakshya primarily supports children and youth who have run away from their homes. Lakshya, sends the younger children to local schooling facilities, and the youth are given vocational training to help earn a living and support themselves. Buy these unique products and support Lakshya's objective of providing better living and educational facilities to these children.

  • Measures 12-1/2” long x 8-1/2” diameter
  • 1 zipper pocket on each end
  • 1 zipper pocket inside, 1 zipper pocket on outside
  • 16"-33" adjustable strap

Handmade in India and Fair Trade imported.

Lakshya Artisan Story


Lakshya, is a child and youth rehabilitation center located in a small village Bhatola, Faridabad, a few miles from Delhi. Lakshya was founded in 2004 by two brothers, Rajeev and Umesh; they started by training a few village women in making newspaper bags. The village women grew from 8 to 150 over the years, and today make newspaper and other paper packaging bags which are supplied to several stores in India.

LAK:ARTISAN-1_240x180Rajeev and Umesh were part of a larger youth rehabilitaion programe, Karm Marg in New-Delhi. They began their own initiative by the name of “Lakshya”, meaning goal. With the support of the Salam Balak Trust, a well known children and youth rehabilitation center, Lakshya currently runs a center in the village. Many youth and children, who have either runaway from homes or orphaned are found at public places such as railway stations and bus stands. Lakshya's network of people, who closely monitor these locations and keep a regular contact with the local police, bring these youth and children to the shelter. In some cases, parents or relatives are contacted and the children are sent back, in other cases they stay at the shelter for sometime and escape again, while some stay on. Currently, Lakshya supports a mixed group of 25 youth and children in the age group of 7-25 years.

At Lakshya, younger children in the age group of 7-16 years are sent to local schooling facilities. Due to limited funds, the organization has not been able to sponser children for further education. So, the youth learm several vocational skills which will help them to earn a living in the future. 5-6 youth are trained in making patchwork bags and other accessories such as, diary covers, wallets, purses and belts. Other vocational trainings include administrative jobs, cooking & catering, auto mechanics etc. Lakshya sells the handmade bags and other products made by these youth at the shelter through exhibitions and a few stores across India. The organization hopes to rescue and rehabilitate more children and youth who have runaway from their homes, and is constatntly trying to provide them with a more meaningful way to live.

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