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Ethical business is profitable business

Between our commitment to fair trade practices and our dedication to our mission and vision we provide opportunities for our discerning and socially conscious clientele to purchase ethically sourced, quality products.

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You can reach out any time to our Maker Advisor, Alice Reybitz. Email: or reach out to Rosie. Email

Yes that's true! None of our independent makers pay a fee to participate on the market.

Yes, shipping is included in our prices. We are still learning all of the international fees though, so please be patient with us. If you have any unexcpected fees on delivery please reach out immediately to Apple - or Rosie -

Our maker team sets their pricing and it is always honored. We do not charge shipping on top of our prices. What we do is add a mark-up (like any brick/mortar store) to cover all of the expenses involved in providing you with beautiful products. These can include (but are not limited to) estimated shipping costs, marketing, site maintenance, communication, and all of the normal things you would assume go into running a company. Two of these are 1. profit margin and 2. savings for growth to bring you more products and on-board more makers to the team.

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Board of Advisor articles & Press releases

Teens and Low Self Esteem by Alice Reybitz

Publicado por Rosie Rey

Teens and Low Self Esteem by Alice Reybitz Once more we have to hear of a school shooting where children died and the person holding the gun was a misunderstood, unexpected...

Thank you so much!

Publicado por Rosie Rey

Dear Clients. As the weather here in Wisconsin changes I am feeling compelled to write directly to you in appreciation and persistence. Usually, our newsletter and updates are filled with...

The Wonder of Women by Lori Hayes

Publicado por Rosie Rey

Women, WE are amazing!! We understand we don’t walk our paths alone. We have sisters, husbands, wives, brothers, friends, families and Allies.  The same can be said for men.  As...

World Community Exchange Wins Major Marketing Grant

Publicado por Rosie Rey

For Immediate Release 1 March 2023 World Community Exchange Wins Major Marketing Grant Women Owned and Operated Marketplace to Gain Greater Exposure By Charlene Sommers Madison, WI — Mar. 1,...

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