Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

Dear Clients. As the weather here in Wisconsin changes I am feeling compelled to write directly to you in appreciation...

Women’s Wage

Women’s Wage

As a woman of a certain age, I’ve grown up in a corporate culture understanding that we don’t talk about...

Woman with a scared expression on her face

Don’t Be Afraid!

Trust your customers. We all know that no one can run a company without facing a situation. We understand that...

Woman with her face turned towards the sun and the wind blowing her hair behind her


For example, for whatever reason I tend to get a rush in creativity as the seasons get colder. I know...

Man sitting on a park bench with hands behind head and legs stretched out

Take A Break

But, I’ve come to realize the more I take this time – the more productive the rest of my time...

Finding My Why

Finding My Why

Rosie asked me to write the article this month for the newsletter. We both agree it’s important that all of...



So disclaimer...for some this may be controversial or even painful. It is not the intention  I do not think that...

Man mediating a discussion between another man and a woman.


Speak clearly, kindly and firmly about your concerns and then Be Quiet.

Group of people gathered around a computer

Change for the Better

The wonderful thing about change is that while it can lead to some negative outcomes, it just as often can...

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