Words From Our Leadership Team

WCE and it's team members post articles, videos and other content to their page with the intent to start healthy, educational discussion. We do not endorse anyone or anything nor do we intend to indicate any political or governmental or spiritual affiliation. We are an international corporation and respect the traditions, cultures and practices of our fellow human beings wherever possible. We provide content intended to promote awareness to and discussion of our fellow human beings, their lives, cultures and traditions. We intend to discuss topics around our belief that ethical business is profitable business. That being said our founder Rosie lives to the best of their ability to their mantra "Do no harm." We will not condone violence, degradation, humiliation, etc. We reserve the right to respond to, take down or block anyone who demonstrates the intention to violently argue, harass or harm rather than discuss, educate and share. Thank you for your understanding.

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