Meet our Advisors

Lori Hayes

Lori Hayes - Board of Advisors - Framework Advisor

As a nurse who worked with cancer and brain injured people and their families, my focus was on trying to help them be as independent as possible. When I retired, I enjoyed the lack of stress but found myself missing the ability to help others. When I heard about WCE, i thought I'd found a perfect fit for my desire to help women establish independence and also improve life for them and their families.

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Alice Reybitz

Alice Reybitz - Board of Advisors -Balance and Predictions Guru

I responded to a request to be on the board of WCE because I believe in the process of finding ways for small women owned and women family businesses, especially involving artistic outlets to have as many way as possible to distribute, showcase, and sell their goods.  Social Media should do more good for the classes who need that positive exposure.  I hope to stay involved as long as possible with such a needed organization.

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Kristy Ivey - Board of Advisors Cornerstone

Being a Board of Advisors Member with WCE allows me to engage and support the success of women growing their businesses from across the world.

Rosie Rey

Rosie Rey - Board of Advisors - Vanguard

Equitable Business is Profitable Business. I could talk for hours about WCE and our wonderful team. Call or email any time!

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Dr. Jessica Perez

Dr. Jessica Perez - Board of Advisors - Client Relationships Team

It is an honor and truly a pleasure to be part of the board for an incredible organization, World Community Exchange. World Community Exchange's (WCE) mission "is to create a sustainable and profitable system of eCommerce to increase economic independence for women worldwide." As a businesswoman, I understand the need and necessity to have platforms that women can excel in. WCE has a diverse board that includes academics, scholars, practitioners, and business professionals. This diversity has allowed us to see the global platform from a unique and diverse perspective. One that we aim to mirror from our diverse and talented makers. So why did I join the WCE board? As I previously mentioned, being a woman in this globally competitive market will require resources, connections, and drive. I believe in the mission and vision that WCE has and will push to achieve such mission and vision, the result, help women-owned businesses, and provide an opportunity for socially conscious clients to choose quality products while supporting women from all over the world.

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Dr Kenya Walton-Guillot

Dr. Kenya Walton-Guillot - Board of Advisors - Communication and Collaboration Team

I worked in the financial sector on Wall Street in New York during my professional career, improving business processes and procedures and saving thousands. I transitioned to the educational industry to assist adult learners as a Professor to reach their academic aspirations. Since the goal is to help others continuously, especially women globally, with their achievement, Women Community Exchange aligns with my vision, mission, and objectives of improving careers, entrepreneurship, and independence for a more profitable and successful family lifestyle.

Dr Kristyle Turner - Board of Advisors - Makers Relationships Team -

For me, it's about creating women's empowerment and connecting with different people around the world. I think it's a great platform where one can use their inner voice and be their creative selves.   Also, one can show; a reflection of that through your work or individuality.  I'm involved because it allows me to connect to something bigger than me.