Tribal Dokra Metal Statement Hand Bell

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LBH (Inches)

Q Bazaar brings to you a statement decor piece from India. This fine offering presents the ancient art form of the Dokra craft which originated amongst the Dokra Damar tribes of Bengal and dates back over 4000 years. This stunning metal casting technique utilizes the lost-wax casting method through which molten metal is poured into a wax model. The wax acts as a mold, which is then melted and drained away, to create gorgeous metal artifacts. Carefully handpicking selected products from across the craft-rich country of India, Q Bazaar brings an exquisite range of handcrafted products to honor the craft and the craftsmen and craftswomen behind it!

Color :Gold

Production Method :Handmade

Material Description :Brass

Size(L x B x H) :2.6 x 2.6 x 7.5 Inches

Weight :200 grams

Care Description :Wipe with a dry cloth

Pack Contents :1 Hand Bell

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