Large Calabash Bracelet

Large Calabash Bracelet

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Our Large Calabash Bracelets are bright with a earthy tone crocheted around them. They are hand painted on pieces of calabash and covered with a clear finish. They have an adjustable knot closure.

  • Measures 8'' to 12-3/4'' long x 1-5/8'' wide

  • Triangle, Rhombus, Arc

  • Adjustable knot closure

Handmade in Colombia and fair trade imported.

Aborigines Artisan StoryColombia


Aborigines is a fair trade organization consisting of artisans from the Colombian Caribbean coast, heirs of the Mokaná legacy which they seek to preserve through the production of accessories that represent the knowledge of a culture that refuses to disappear.

They produce earrings and other jewelry accessories for that outfit that you like so much. They work with organic materials that combined with contemporary elements give a fabulous high jewelry finish.

"We love nature; she inspires us to create each piece, that's why we take care of and protect it. It also provides us with the fruit we work on, which we later transform into clothing accessories. Let's go! Take care of it too."


ABR:Artisan-Photo1Aborigines works under fair commercial policies, to provide greater transparency in their processes and offer employment opportunities that include good working conditions to artisans and their families. They work with ethnic groups or vulnerable populations seeking to preserve their knowledge and culture.