Classic Marble Bath Counter Set

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LBH (Inches)

A must-have in minimal-themed bathrooms, this highly functional marble bath set has been crafted by artisans using the marble turning technique. The set comprises a liquid soap dispenser and a toothbrush holder. Traditional meets contemporary in this unique, masterfully crafted offering that has been sculpted from engineered marble. The craft of marble turning dates back eons. A skilled artisan fixes a rough-hewn circular block of stone at the head of the traditional lathe machine and hammers it in place by hand. The machine begins whirring as the artisan introduces a hand-held chisel to the block, and applies varying degrees of pressure to sculpt the desired shape and to smoothen the edges

Color :White

Production Method :Handmade

Material Description :Marble

Size(L x B x H) :Dispenser-3x3x7", Tumbler-3x3x5" Inches

Weight :1628 grams

Care Description :Wash with mild detergent

Pack Contents :Set of 1 Dispenser and 1 Tumbler Bath

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