Beach Candle with Lid - Small

Coastal/Nautical themed Gel Wax Beach Candle. Jar is 3" in height and about 9" round. Each candle is filled with Beach Sand and Sea Shells from Florida Beaches. It is a scented candle, Sea Salt Waves Fragrance. Fragrance is considered a clean smell, it is a very fresh smell not to strong or overpowering. It is a combination of Ocean Mist, Sea Moss and Soft Florals. Candle may vary from picture based on shells used. Customization is available at no extra cost to add a vinyl name to or saying to jar. Wax Gel Candles burns like any other candle and last for long period time. You should not burn any candle for more the Hours at a time and should clip your wick before each use for a clean and even burn.

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