Large Wood and Clay Bird Flute


Birds are known for their melodic music and their songs have inspired humans for centuries. Blow into the heads of one of these Peruvian Bird Gems and see what chirping sounds / music they will create for you. These Clay Birds with Wooden Flutes were handmade by artisans in the Peruvian Andes. 

We offer three type of bird flutes: Toucan, Parrot and Generic Bird. Each flute has four holes on the top and one on the bottom to make eight different pitches / notes.

Dimensions: 7" long x 2" diameter (bird)

Handmade in Peru and Fair Trade imported.

Manos Amigas Artisan Story

artisan-2_173x219Peru’s native Shipibo tribes are known for their strong cultural heritage, unique cosmology and their unmistakable ceramic arts. Unfortunately, Shipibo villagers also suffer from extreme poverty, and most live without access to basic education and medical care in poor villages along the Río Ucayali, a tributary of the Amazon River. Manos Amigas (Friendly Hands) works with the Shipibo villagers to develop their traditional craft and helps export their vases, sculpture and ornaments to the United States and Europe. Manos Amigas also offers free courses in design, accounting and business marketing and helps artisans identify new markets for their crafts.

Manos Amigas donates 20% of its profits to education and other social programs and helps youth living in Peru’s remote highlands continue their education through scholarships and financial assistance. The remaining 80% of the Manos Amigas’ profit goes directly to the artisan, most often as a 50-70% advance with the balance paid upon delivery and quality control. This wage is far above the national standard and helps Shipibo villagers improve their standard of living and provide for the future.

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